What is a Micro ATM? How to Get one.

Micro ATM, just as the name suggests, are smaller portable versions of ATMs! That’s right! This payment solution is aimed at taking branchless banking to the last mile. Micro ATM Machines are a handheld point of sale (POS) terminal used to dispense cash in secluded regions where bank ATMs cannot reach. Micro ATMs are a doorstep mobile banking method cum-mobile ATM device to perform financial transactions like using it to accept card payments through swipe or for cash withdrawal just like in an ATM.

According to the data released, only 5% of the rural population has access to ATMs. This leaves huge gap in the availability of ATM services in these areas. Micro ATM Business is yet to see a lot of penetration in the market, which is another reason why this is a very lucrative business model to earn good money. This is an initiative by the government of India, as it is commercially viable to have more Micro ATMs rather than having more ATMs, as the latter incurs a huge cost to the bankS. Biznext Micro ATM machines are the most compact and easily operable.

Process to withdraw money from Biznext Micro ATM

  1. The customer reaches the store along with his Debit card.
  2. The store manager will swipe your card along the Biznext Micro ATM.
  3. The Biznext Micro ATM Machine will be connected to an Android phone, where the retailer will log into the Biznext Mobile Application and choose the Micro ATM Option.
  4. The retailer will then input the amount of cash to be withdrawn by the customer, which will be verified by the customer.
  5. The customer will enter the PIN of the Debit card, and the transaction is done!

The money which is given in cash is credited to the Biznext wallet of the retailer, REAL TIME , along with the commission!

Micro ATM Benefits

For Retailers:

  1. The Micro ATM Business requires no extra setup but it does ensure you an additional source of income. In short, good income opportunity with very less investment.
  2. Biznext Micro ATM accepts all Debit cards, be it Chip & Pin or Magnetic Swipe or NFC* (Near Field Communication).
  3. Using the Biznext Micro ATM, you can now accept debit cards as a mode of payment for your business.
  4. Earn Attractive commission on every transaction made on the Micro ATM Machine.
  5. Do business on the go by this Compact/ Portable device that can be carried with you wherever you travel!
  6. Get Maximum Utilization of the cash at hand.
  7. After the transaction is completed a payment receipt is produced, which can further be printed or shared directly via email or Whatsapp.
  8. An increase in the bouquet of services offered to the customers will ensure an increase in number of customers.
  9. It is cost effective and a smart tool for cash management at the store.

For Customers:

  1. Eliminate the need to travel long distances in search for ATMs to meet your cash needs.
  2. No need to wait in long queues in Banks and/or ATMs.
  3. Safe and secure transaction with your trusted retailer and the Biznext Micro ATM.
  4. Many a times after reaching the Bank ATM, we come to know that it has either run out of cash or is closed for repairs, no such problem will occur here.


A form is required to be filled by you to become a Biznext Retailer/Distributor and these documents to be submitted for verification:
· Aadhaar Card
· PAN Card
To learn more about the Micro ATM price and registration and to partner with Biznext to start your own Micro ATM business immediately and hassle-free kindly fill the form to register with us today.


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