AePS service for better financial inclusion in the country

In order to fast track the process of financial inclusion and ease the access to basic banking facilities like cash withdrawal and balance inquiry across India, RBI bank has come up with the idea of AePS. With AePS, any person can easily withdraw cash just through their Aadhar card and Biometric punch.

AePS is a financial transaction system that is made for easy access to banking facilities like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and mini statements. Since it works using the biometric print, it is used for secure transactions, to overcome the digital divide that exists in the digital financial ecosystem across various scattered, rural and backward areas of the country.

What is the AePS service?

AePS is a bank-led model that facilitates easy cash financial transactions in areas where there is no banking infrastructure.

Any individual person can visit the authorised AePS agent with their Aadhaar card or just their Aadhaar number and give their biometric punch to the agent to withdraw the cash directly from their Aadhaar linked bank account. Hence, Aadhaar Payment System enables seamless cash transactions through UIDAI authentication.

Using AePS, one can:
1. Withdraw cash
2. Do Account Balance Enquiry
3. Get a Mini Statement of Bank Account

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AEPS Service is further used by the government to disperse government pensions like NREGA, Social security pension, Handicaped old age pension and other various government funds for various causes.

How to become a AePS agent?

To become an AePS agent instantly, register yourself on Biznext and fill in some details.

Once the process of E-KYC is completed successfully, you can instantly activate the service of AePS from the service section.

Once the service is activated, you can help your customers withdraw cash just with their Aadhar card and a biometric punch and earn a lucrative commission instantly.

To know more about becoming an AePS agent, you can contact Biznext at 022 42123123

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How to do AEPS transactions through mobile phone?

To do AePS transactions from a mobile phone, any person can easily download Biznext Mobile Application from Play Store.

After downloading the mobile application, log in using your phone number and OTP and complete your process of KYC.

Once the process of KYC is completed, you can activate your service of AePS from the service section.

Just by connecting a biometric device to your mobile application, you can easily help your customers withdraw cash or do a balance enquiry and earn instant commission on every transaction. To know more about the process of becoming an AePS agent, watch the video – .

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