The history and evolution of the mobile recharge business

It has been predicted that by 2024, the entire population of India, i.e 1.3 cr people will be using a mobile phone, and in urban localities, each citizen might have two or more mobiles for office work; which makes the mobile recharge industry an approximate market of 1.3 bn.

Because of the huge growth observed in the mobile and mobile recharge industry; this has become a prominent form of business that only keeps growing every day, especially in the rural parts of the country where people still rely on the local shopkeeper for recharging their mobile phones. Opening an online mobile distributorship in such a growing market will only add to one’s income.

Brief History of mobile payments in India

The mobile and mobile recharge industry was started way back in the early 90s and has witnessed many changes and several folds since then. In the initial phase, the mobile recharges were very expensive and mostly prepaid then as the time flew it started coming in the postpaid system. After a few years with the majority of people using mobile, operators started offering sms packs and some game cards with mobile calling recharge. With the era of the internet, most of the companies started offering combo packs of mobile recharge with the internet. The mobile recharge industry has limited itself to few key players like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea. An all in one recharge distributor can recharge a customer’s mobile for all these companies.

The changing mobile payments scene
Mobile payment system has been quickly changing with new technology and new mobile operators. Previously people used to rely on local shops for their mobile recharge but now with Jio’s new technology and UPI payment gateways, people can recharge their phones at home with full security and trust.

However, in rural areas, there still exists a huge business of online mobile recharge distributorship which offers recharge and internet prepaid and post plan packages to rural public and makes up to 20,000 rupees out of the same. These businesses are generally run and operated by local kirana vendors, mobile shops, etc. to make more income without any additional investment.

How to Earn by becoming an all in one recharge distributor ?

Becoming a distributor entails recruiting a network of retailers who will work under you. The more the number, the more will be your income. One can earn money on every recharge done for a customer. A small percent of the recharge will go to the retailer and a small percent of every recharge done by each of the retailers will go to the all in one recharge distributor. All in all, It’s a good source of income, which will only increase with time. You can start the online recharge business by joining a good company with the best recharge commission in the industry.