A Technology Game Changer – Now Transact and Withdraw Money Through the Same Device!

A wave of digitization is sweeping over India, with unprecedented growth in payments through QR code and UPI. The data suggests a massive shift towards digital banking. Consumers now look for convenience when making payments. A swipe of the card done through an mPOS device at the cash counter of any purchase is old news. The future is here- a single portable, handheld device that enables merchants to accept card payments and perform other financial transactions, and withdraw money through the same device, providing greater convenience and accessibility to financial services. An mPOS and Micro ATM combined into one. This technology is likely to have a significant impact on the traditional banking and payments industry, making financial services more accessible and convenient for individuals and small businesses in remote or underserved areas.

It is the first milestone towards doorstep banking, where the customers convenience is of utmost priority. It is the size of your palm and just might be what you need to get an edge over your competitors.

The integration of mPOS and micro-ATM technology into a single device is likely to have a significant impact on retailers, both large and small. Some of the ways it may affect them include:

– Increased Convenience: Retailers will now have the ability to accept card payments and offer cash withdrawals from a single device, providing greater convenience for both the retailer and their customers.

– Increased Foot Traffic: By offering cash withdrawals through the same device that is used for card transactions, retailers may attract more customers, as they no longer need to visit a bank or an ATM to withdraw cash.

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– Improved Cash Management: Retailers can now offer cash withdrawal services, which can be helpful in managing their cash flow and reducing the need to visit a bank to deposit or withdraw cash.

– Increased Revenue: By providing customers with more convenient and accessible financial services, retailers may be able to attract more business and increase their revenue.

– Improved Customer Experience: By offering a wider range of financial services through a single device, retailers can improve the customer experience, as customers no longer need to visit multiple locations to access the services they need.

– Cost Effective: This mPOS Micro ATM machine price in India is very low- around 1000 to 2000 rupees max.

What’s more is that you can now become a part of the best Micro ATM service provider in the industry in just a few simple steps!

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– Just download Biznext Application on your preferred choice of device – be it a PC or mobile phone or tablet.

– Create a user id and password using your email id or phone number.

– Log in to Biznext.

– Complete the process of EKYC.

– From the left hand side panel, go to products.

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– Check the Micro ATM machine price – the lowest in the industry and click on buy.

Reasons to join Biznext – the Best Micro ATM Service Provider:

  • Fastest Activation Services within 4 hours
  • Instant Commission
  • Lowest Price on Micro ATM Machine
  • Highest commission per transaction

Now with the Micro ATM machine each store will be a self ATM and a Digital Kendra contributing towards the dream of a Digital India.

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