About AEPS

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service or AEPS, is an Aadhaar based payment solution which empowers bank users to carry out financial transactions (without any debit card/credit card/ cheque book) using only their Aadhaar card, registered with their bank account, and biometric authentication. AEPS agents and distributors can provide basic banking services to their customers such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and obtaining a mini statement. It is an initiative by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) to support unbanked and underbanked sections of India.

AEPS Business Opportunity

AEPS serves as a foundation of all Aadhaar enabled Banking Services. Another goal it tries to achieve is the digitisation of retail payments. It is a lucrative business opportunity which solves a real banking problem especially for customers living in areas where banks are at larger distances. Using our AEPS Agent login, agents have the opportunity to earn up to 7-10 rupees per transaction, depending on the number of transactions done. AEPS agents can easily earn around 800-900 rupees per day. AEPS Distributors have the chance to earn Rs.50,000 monthly.


Once the AEPS Agent registration is done, your Biznext AEPS Agent login id will be generated. The process of AEPS is very simple.

  • The AEPS Agent connects and installs a biometric device to their Computer or Smart phone.
  • Agent inputs the Customer Aadhaar number and the bank name.
  • Agent selects the transaction type: Cash withdrawal or Balance Inquiry.
  • The customer then inputs their thumb print (same as per Aadhaar) to authenticate the transaction.
  • The customer’s account is debited and the merchant’s Biznext wallet account is credited real time along with additional commission amount.
  • The AEPS Agent then receives a transaction receipt and the customer receives an SMS confirmation from the bank.


Safe & Secure system
No need to carry Debit or Credit card
Easily withdraw money, without visiting bank or ATM
Maximum utilization of cash at shop
Only Aadhaar number and fingerprint authentication required
Attractive real-time commission on every transaction
Quick process, doesn’t take more than a minute to complete a transaction
Multiple devices integrated to capture fingerprint

Top Features

  • Real Time Transaction Settlement along with commission
  • Safe & Secure system.
  • No need to carry a Debit or Credit card, Only the Aadhaar number and fingerprint authentication required.
  • Easily withdraw money, avoid long queues at the bank or ATM.
  • Quick process, doesn’t take more than a minute to complete a transaction.


Things required to start

  • Smart Phone or Computer with an active internet connection
  • Biometric Device


Activation Process

Any new or existing business partner can do AEPS registration with a simple documentation process. All you need to do is to submit your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card and fill the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System registration form. Earn a handsome income on every transaction!


Benefits to AEPS agent

  • Minimum Investment with Maximum Return.
  • Only requirements to set up business, are a Smart phone or Computer (as per ease and availability) & Biometric Device.
  • Earn Attractive Commission per transaction.
  • Quick process takes less than a minute to complete the transaction.
  • Full utilisation of cash in hand.
  • Increase in customer base due to additional service provided.


Why Biznext

  • AEPS agents and AEPS Distributors get instant and real time settlement on every transaction.
  • Ease of doing the AEPS business setup with us, we will help you every step of the way.
  • Trained and experienced service workforce to help your AEPS business flourish.
  • Save time by conducting transactions through Biznext Web Portal or Mobile Application.
  • Seamless process designed to reduce transaction time and effort using Biznext portal.

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