How can I carry out bank transactions using AEPS?

What is AEPS System?

AEPS (Aadhaar enabled payment system) is an NPCI-led and RBI-approved payment/ cash withdrawal service that permits any bank user to withdraw cash, check bank balance and make payments through Aadhaar authentication via any AEPS licensed agent.

In layman’s terms, any person can show his/her Aadhaar card to any licensed AEPS agent and withdraw their cash just within 5 mins without any debit/ credit card. This facility is prominent in rural areas which are yet to be equipped with banking infrastructure.

The Aadhaar Enabled Payment System aims to promote the concept of a cashless economy and speed up the process of financial inclusion across the country.

The government of India is considering and promoting the set up of AEPS in all the un-banked parts more than any other bank because the entire process of setting up AEPS (Aadhar-enabled payment system) is 100 times cheaper than setting up any bank, atm, or any other formal way of banking transactions. Any retailer or individual willing to start this business can easily do AEPS registration online with 0 investment.

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What are the features of the AEPS system?
The following are the features of the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System:

–  Any Bank account holder can withdraw cash using their Aadhar card and by submitting the biometric punch.
–  The entire process of AEPS is 100% safe as it is secured with a unique identification number of Aadhar
–  Payments can be made/ received using the AEPS system
–  Users do not require to provide their bank account details

What are the requirements to use the AEPS system?

– Aadhar card (Linked with a bank account) or Aadhar number
– Biometric punch
– A licensed AEPS agent that can carry out the procedure of cash withdrawal

Advantages of AEPS system
The following are the advantages of AEPS system for a user:

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– User can withdraw cash without debit/ credit card

– Users will be able to withdraw cash from their nearest AEPS retailer and will not have to travel to the bank

– Users can get government-allocated funds easily through this module

The following are the Advantages of the AEPS system to an AEPS agent:

– An agent can set up the business of AEPS with a minimum investment of 2000 rupees
– An AePS agent earns on every transaction of AEPS
– The entire set up of AEPS is portable and hand-held
– Any person can start their own business for FREE by doing AEPS registration online on

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How can you become an AEPS agent for FREE?

Any person can do online registration of AEPS within 5 mins and start earning 35000 rupees per month by following these 5 steps

– Download Biznext mobile application from your play station
– Login by entering your phone number and OTP
– Complete the process of E-KYC
– Activate your service of AEPS from the service panel
– Watch the youtube video to know more about how to use AEPS –

To know more about AEPS contact Biznext at – 02242123123

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