How to Become an IRCTC Agent?

This blog covers what IRCTC agent is, and how can you become one to book ticket for your customers
Become an IRCTC agent of your area and halp your customers to book train ticket

What is an IRCTC agent?

Authorized agents include IRCTC agents. They assist travelers in booking train tickets for their journeys. These agents act as the bridge between passengers and IRCTC’s online ticketing system. They offer a wide range of services, help passengers find available trains, and check seat availability along with making reservations and issuing tickets on behalf of their clients.

To do this, IRCTC agents have special access to a dedicated portal provided by the IRCTC itself. They earn a commission for their services. Personal IDs can book a largest of 6 tickets. In contrast, IRCTC agents can book an unlimited number of tickets. Additionally, personal IDs can book a greatest of 6 tickets.

What is an Authorised IRCTC Agent?

An Authorized IRCTC Agent is a recognized intermediary. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation permits them. They help train ticket bookings and related services. These agents play a crucial role in simplifying the ticketing process. They provide convenience to travelers by offering a range of railway services. IRCTC recognizes these agents. They ensure a streamlined and reliable approach to booking train tickets. They cater to the diverse travel needs of passengers across India.

How to Become an Authorized IRCTC Agent Online?

Any individual can apply online to become an IRCTC agent. Follow the steps below.

1) Download the Biznext Mobile Application:

To start your journey, download the Biznext mobile app from the Google Play Store. This authorized app is your gateway to making an online application to become an IRCTC agent.

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2) Complete the Sign-up and E-KYC Process:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, provide the required details to complete the sign-up process. This may include your personal information and contact details. Additionally, you’ll need to undergo an E-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) process. You use documents such as Aadhaar and PAN cards to verify your identity and address. This step is crucial for security and compliance.

3) Activate the IRCTC Service:

After completing your sign-up and E-KYC processes, log in to the Biznext app. Within the app’s service panel, you’ll find an option to activate the IRCTC service. Activate this service to unlock full functionality. You need it to book train tickets for passengers.

4) Training and Support:

If you ever need guidance or training to use the IRCTC service through the Biznext app, don’t worry! A dedicated support line at 022 42123123 is there to assist you. They can provide guidance and address any queries you might have. They also offer training to help you make the most of the platform. You can maximize your income potential.

What are the Registration Fees for IRCTC Agents?

Becoming a registered agent usually comes with a cost, and it’s around 1500 to 2000. It’s like a starting fee to get registered. The exact amount might vary based on what’s included in the registration package.

In how many days I can become an IRCTC agent?

Becoming an IRCTC agent takes 2 to 5 days. It’s a quick process, allowing you to start assisting with railway services in a short span.

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What are the benefits of an IRCTC agent?

Becoming an IRCTC agent opens doors to a world of opportunities and rewards.

  • IRCTC agents can earn up to 35,000 rupees every month through a lucrative commission. They provide top-notch train ticket booking services to their customers.
  • Flexibility: As an IRCTC agent, you have the freedom to work at your own pace and on your schedule. This flexibility is particularly appealing to individuals seeking part-time or freelance opportunities.
  • The capital investment is low. To become an IRCTC agent, you only need to pay a one-time application fee, of around 2000 rupees. There are no extra setup costs.
  • There is a limit of 6 tickets when using personal IDs. But, an IRCTC agent can book an unlimited number of tickets. This means you can serve a larger clientele and increase your earning potential.
  • Becoming an IRCTC agent is a great way to help people book train tickets and earn money at the same time. You’ll earn a commission for every ticket you help book, and you’ll be making travel easier for others. It’s a simple and rewarding way to be part of the travel world.
  • Also to IRCTC, you can get 15+ other free services and earn lucrative commissions with Biznext. Biznext offers a wide range of complimentary services. Anyone who creates their ID on the Biznext portal can also access cash collection and more. Offer these services in your shop along with IRCTC. You get the opportunity to enhance customer service. You can also earn instant and lucrative commissions on each transaction.

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How Much Does an IRCTC Agent Earn?

An IRCTC agent’s earnings are determined by the commissions received on ticket sales, with rates contingent on the class of travel. Generally, agents earn Rs 20 for each non-AC ticket sold and Rs 40 for each AC ticket. Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario where an agent manages to sell an average of 25 tickets per day, striking a balance between non-AC and AC classes. The table below illustrates the daily and monthly earnings, with the assumption of a 25-day work month. These estimations offer insights into the earning potential for an IRCTC agent, though actual figures may fluctuate based on individual sales performance and other influencing factors.

Ticket ClassCommisionDaily Ticket SoldDaily EarningMonthly Earning
Non AC202550015000
Total   45000

In conclusion, Becoming an IRCTC agent is not a career choice. It’s an adventure that combines earning potential. It also brings satisfaction by making travel accessible and convenient for countless passengers. Use Biznext to supercharge your opportunities. Offer a diverse range of complimentary services alongside IRCTC. You’ll become a one-stop shop for customer convenience. You can offer AEPS and domestic money transfers. You can also offer mobile recharge, electric bill payments, cash collection, and more.

So, why wait? Join the league of agents who are changing the way people travel. They are also enhancing their lives, one ticket at a time. One can start their own business or add to their income by enrolling in Biznext. Start today!

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