Top features of standard mobile recharge software

With a population of 1 cr+ mobile users in the country, mobile recharge has become a prominent business opportunity especially in the rural parts of the country where people rely on the local retail stores for their mobile recharge.

Various mobile recharge softwares are available for retailers from which one can choose the best fit with the required features. It is important to analyse the features carefully and choose the best retailer recharge app.

Features of Best Retailer Recharge App

Before starting the business of Mobile Recharge, a person should look for such a recharge retailer app that not only provides them with a lucrative commission but also offers them software that has the following features:

Management of pending recharges
Mobile recharge is a business where you will face problems like network errors, portal down, server issues, etc. which can lead to the failure of mobile recharge transactions. The mobile recharge software for retailers should be able to provide the status of the recharge at all times- whether it has become successful or not, and should be able to raise a complaint without the need to call up support.

Easy Mobile Recharge portal with proper support and training
Training is a process for setting up your business using the best way to use the portal. Training is important to maximise commission and for awareness regarding any new services or offers. Support is an integral function helpful in grievance redressal, so that you can run the business smoothly, without hindrances. They are both important pillars of running a successful Mobile Recharge business.

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Integration of unlimited users
In order to make your business seamless and boundary-free, one should look for a mobile recharge software that can allow retailers to add unlimited agents and distributors so that you can multiply your income many fold.

Safety & Security
The mobile recharge software for retailers should be safe to use and must provide you with 2 factor authentication login with a pin and password which can prevent fraudulent activities.

The smooth API shifting mechanism
In order to do mobile recharge of various companies, you would need a multi-recharge portal. In such case the mobile recharge software for retailers should be able to switch between these APIs smoothly and quickly so that you can provide mobile recharge service to everyone without any obstacle

Instant and real-time commission
Your mobile recharge portal should give you instant and real-time commission after every mobile recharge so that you don’t have to wait for month end to get your commission and can have a steady income every day.

SMS and recharge history
It is of utmost importance to have mobile recharge history in your software so that you can see what transactions have been made in case there is a need for the same. This feature will help you to have proof that the transactions have been made successfully in the past.

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Advance Dashboard with notifications
Advanced Dashboard is a must-have feature in the mobile recharge app for retailers; through which you can send notifications to your downline agents/ associated partners regarding new offers, new updates, etc. This marketing tool will help you in communicating with your network easily and will motivate your downline partners to do more and more transactions- which in turn will multiply your income.

Which is the best retailer recharge app?

Biznext is one of the best recharge apps for retailers in the industry that offers all these features to all its associated business partners. It is continually updated with many never seen before features and helps partners maximise their income.

How to become a Mobile Recharge partner with Biznext?

Any individual person can become a mobile recharge agent. All one needs to do is to download Biznext Mobile Application from their play-store or signup with Biznext through their website. To start with their own business mobile recharge, any person can register with the best retailer recharge app for FREE and activate the service within 5 minutes.

Once you complete the signup process, you can activate the mobile recharge service from the left-hand service panel.

On successful activation of the service, you can offer mobile recharge to your customers and earn a lucrative commission on every mobile recharge.

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To know more about this service, you can contact Biznext at 022 42123123.

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