How To Start a Mobile Recharge Business? What is Required?

In the past few years, India has witnessed a significant increase in the number of Mobile and Smartphone users. The increase is justified, considering how easy our lives become due to it. A very useful and popularly adapted feature of the mobile phone is the facility of inserting multiple sim cards. Increase in the number of mobile phones and sim cards is directly proportional to the increase in demands of all of the businesses associated with it, making them highly successful. One such business is that of mobile sim card recharge. The investment is low and the returns are exceptionally good, making it significantly profitable. Therefore Biznext has come up with a great profitable Mobile Recharge Commission Structure for all its partners.

What is Mobile Recharge Business?

Mobile Recharge business, as the name suggests is a recharge business of mobile sim cards with minimal investment. If you want to involve yourself in all in one recharge distribution, there are two ways to go about it-

  • You can contact individual brands like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea and take their individual recharge distributorship. This would however, take considerable time and effort. Also, it involves a huge investment.
  • Alternate is to register with Biznext where they have already collaborated with all mobile and dth recharge providers. You will get access to a web panel and an application with multi recharge facility. With Biznext simplifying the registration process, it has become even easier to join their existing network of 20,000+ mobile recharge dealers. You can do your mobile recharge free registration with Biznext.

Who can do the mobile recharge business?

Anyone can do the mobile recharge business as it doesn’t require huge investment or an additional skill set. All you need to have a customer base and a smart phone or a computer with active internet connection. A homemaker, or a student or any person who is already working or employed somewhere can become a mobile recharge dealer with Biznext.

Earnings with Biznext

Proper advertisement and marketing around your store with the help of banners and posters of Biznext Mobile Recharge would make potential customers aware of the service of mobile recharge being available at your store. It would also benefit the regular customers, helping in increasing your customer retention rate, which is very important for any stable business. A typical margin of six percent can be expected. But of course, it varies according to the brand. Even if the margins are a little less, make sure the volume makes up for it, to ensure good earning. With the wafer thin margins in the recharge business, the way to make money is to take advantage of the volume.

How to get involved in Mobile Recharge Business with Biznext?

You can take this business forward in 2 capacities:

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  1. As a distributor, where you build a network of other distributor, retailers and recharge agents. You will be provided a commission per transaction and you will get to decide the amount of commission others in your network receive. It is completely up to you and can be altered as per your will.
  2. As a Retailer, as an additional service in your retail shop. As a retailer wanting to expand the business, this is a golden opportunity as this multi recharge distributorship will not only attract more customers but the additional income would also help meet various expenses.

All who are looking forward to start a new business or expand their existing retail shop where you already have loyal customer base this is a great opportunity as this is the right path to become all in one recharge distributors with Biznext as the recharge business in India is vast and growing with time.

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By Alisha Bharmal

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