Profitable Business To Start with Least Investment in India

If you are looking for simple business ideas with a good income, here we have Biznext- making business easy for you. Biznext’s primary goal is to make sure that every individual in India who can operate a mobile phone should be able to earn money by collaborating with us.
Through this platform, we can enable local retail stores to offer assisted Digital Financial Services helping them to earn a handsome income. The services are as follow:-

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Bill Payments
  • Convert your store into an ATM with Micro ATM
  • AEPS- Aadhaar Enable Payment Services
  • DTH & Mobile Recharge
  • POS Services
  • Domestic Money Transfer Services
  • Ticket booking

The business doesn’t require a heavy investment or an additional skill set. All you need to have a business location or a shop and a smartphone with an active internet connection. This is enough to become a mobile recharge dealer, AEPS ID Distributor, Micro ATM dealer, Domestic Money transfer Agent and take up many other roles with Biznext. Therefore you can do your free registration with Biznext and make great profits and handsome commissions.

All you need to know about the Business Services:-

How To Start a Mobile Recharge Business? What is Required?
In the past few years, India has witnessed an increase in the number of mobile phones, which is directly proportional to the increase in demands of all of the businesses associated with it, making them highly successful.

One such business is that of mobile recharge, where the company provides you access mobile and DTH recharge of all brands and you can recharge the customer sims by accepting payments and earn handsomely on each recharge. Biznext has come up with the best Mobile Recharge Commission Structure for all its agents. The investment is low and the returns are exceptionally good, making it significantly profitable.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services

With AEPS, one can simply come to your store and withdraw money using only their Aadhaar card. With the rise in usage of digital financial services, the necessity for cash withdrawal is merely increasing manifold with time. Hence, it is good a business opportunity with very less investment. 

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AEPS Agents, have a good opportunity to earn up to 7-10 rupees per transaction, depending on the volume of transactions done. AEPS agents can easily earn around 800-900 rupees per day. AEPS Distributors have the chance to earn up to Rs.50,000 monthly.

All you need to grasp about Micro ATM Machines

A micro ATM helps you convert your store into at ATM! It is only the size of your palm and will make sure to attract customers to your store!!

You can accept Debit cards as a payment method.

  • Additional income without extra setup.
  • Very minimal investments and high profits.
  • Attractive commission on every ATM transaction.
  • Compact device. You will be able to carry it together with you and do business on the go! Full Utilisation of cash in hand.

Why Us?

  • Instant and real-time commission and limit in wallet.
  • Single wallet for all Services.
  • Seamless process for quick transactions.
  • Designed for ease of use.
  • Safe and Secure System.
  • Least Charges in the Industry.
  • Experienced Support Personnel equipped to handle all queries.
  • Integrated with multiple service providers to ensure 99.9% uptime.
  • Simple Onboarding Procedure

How to join Biznext?

  1. Fill the online registration form.
  2. Upload original documents
    • Aadhaar Card
    • PAN Card

Once the documents are verified, you will get your own Biznext login ID.

The best part is that the number of services will keep increasing with time in the  Biznext portal. All those who are looking forward to starting a new business or expand their retail shop where you already have a loyal customer base, this is a great opportunity as this is the right path to become all in one distributor with Biznext as the above businesses in India are vast and growing with time.

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Service Enquire Now

By Alisha Bharmal

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